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ValentineĀ“s Day Date: Feb 1st @ 8:53pm EST
We are already in what many consider as the month of love and friendship, in our opinion something is missing, it should be the month of love, friendship and passion. It is no secret to anyone that one of the things that is most experienced on that special day is passion and in our relationship none of the 3 is needed because to be a couple you need friendship between both parties, then love and of course the passion that is what gives that spicy touch of adrenaline to everything
pyrotechnic feelings Date: Aug 14th @ 2:42am EDT
Your feelings explode like rain
drops of moisture between your legs
Delusions of illusions and emotions
You explode in a thousand emotions inside of you
Fires in the sky like bursts of thoughts
I turn on your body the most sublime delivery
are fireworks turned into feelings
In the sky of your gaze it is dazzled with lights and sparkles.
be reborn Date: Aug 10th @ 1:59pm EDT
I believe that every moment one must be reborn, and be better than before. I know we both will be. That each one must heal wounds if this happened, mistakes, defects. All that and more usually happens in a relationship, with someone. I do not want to roll or tire with my lyrics. Except that; let's be reborn. And happiness sprouts in the soul. and cultivate a smile. And let no one turn off the light in your eyes.
fantasies Date: Aug 4th @ 12:20am EDT
hello guys we are an open-minded couple in every way we like sex pleasure pain we love to satisfy at any occasion we have no limits nor have we found them we like extreme and hard pain, we also get a good fetish section where we make your dreams come true no matter what we fulfill what you ask of us.
The trust! Date: Jul 28th @ 9:44pm EDT
Trust is an integral part of a BDSM relationship and ultimately it is what makes any kind of energy exchange so important. Taking someone else's control or letting it be taken from you is exciting, risky and raw. Without trust, none of the partners can completely let go and enjoy the moment. But with confidence, BDSM and power sharing can bring partners closer together and ultimately pave the way for a rougher or riskier game.
thoughts Date: Jul 1st @ 4:46am EDT
Sometimes you think without acting, sometimes we act without thinking, I have been thinking, feeling and acting with what I think and feel for some time, I know how I will find that harmony within myself, it will make each person next to me feel Similarly.
I am sure of what I want, have and possess, as well as what I feel for my submissive, because to tell the truth, she is more than a jewel, a diamond, I needed her more than air and I even drink from her delivery. They are sensations that she wakes up in me, just by looking at her, looking at her and seeing that smiling face that is before me, as time goes by when I'm next to her, and I wake up thinking about her, looking at her beside me.
watch over you Date: Jun 24th @ 1:54am EDT
take care of your soul in my hands
take care of your submission with my domination
take care of your body with my protection
take care of your marks with my caresses
take care of your wounds with my heart
take care of your fears with my security
take care of your doubts with my reason
take care of your life with mine
take care of your delivery with my power
take care of your mind with my teaching
take care of your wishes with my pleasure
take care of your complacency with my orders
take care of everything you want to give me with everything I offer for you.
show me Date: Jun 17th @ 2:09am EDT
Show me your darkest wishes
Show me the passion of your sex
Show me the delivery of your gaze
Show me the doubts of your heart
Show me the scars of your soul to heal them
Show me your most exquisite fantasies
Show me your most powerful fears
Show me that you exist.
Show me that I can heal you
show me the work that I have done in you
Show me what you hide and what you don't.
Show me life Show me reality.
surrender Date: May 27th @ 11:58pm EDT
I want you to give yourself to me as I to you
I want to give me your trust because I have earned your respect.
I want to give me your faith because I have believed in you.
I want to give me your body because I have taken care of yours.
I want to give me your respect because I have given you my trust
I want to give me your will because I have taught you mine.
I want you to give yourself to me because I also give myself to you.
I want you to give me your time because my time is yours.
I want to give me your passion because mine is in you
I want to give me your wishes because my only wish is you.
please me Date: May 27th @ 12:26am EDT
Please give me up to my wishes
Your body moistens before my gaze
Your priority will be only me
Please me without times without waiting
Our time will be yours, mine, ours
Please me with every drop of your delivery
Let yourself be carried away by the sublime of your feelings
Today, show me your strength, fears, your doubts
Give yourself into my hands, please me.
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