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Be careful, not all are masters Date: May 22nd @ 5:15am EDT
If you have read, researched, exchanged ideas with Dominantes, submissive ... and you know that you are submissive, that you can become submissive because you feel it within you: do not devalue what you feel by settling for less than what you are willing to give, make sure having found a Master, not a sex addict or a sporadic gamer. Fintanto che ti dimostri di essere dominato da coma to feel full giving himself completely to him.
The sincerità, the sincerità and the rispetto di una persona, the ricerca di a base di una relazione, it is not possible, the relaè disappears. abuse your eyes and your heart with Bdsm, someone who really knows how to value you will be waiting for you.
desire of life Date: Mar 25th @ 2:57am EDT
I want your body to love you with my domination
I want your torture to silence him with my caresses
I want your dedication to wrap it with my love
I wish your passion devours him making love to you
I want your smile to look at it like the moon
I wish your antics and play with them.
I wish your secrets keep them in me
I wish your days live with you
I wish your nights sleep with you
I want your submissive part to complement my feeling
I want you to be my woman to love you like one
I wish happiness exists in our darkness
I wish you to be my best wish since you are the magic of my life.
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